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Copywriting and Creative Concepts for the interior design solutions for Center of innovative excellence by Marti Innovative Constructions company. Concepts for the interior identity including the logos, icons, content, x-large and large wall graphics, floor graphics, window graphics, creative partition wall, materials selection, and other functional solutions that defined the interior and exterior space complementing the innovative and excellence visions of the company.


Representative brochure telling the story about a innovative promotional constructions b2b company with a successful background and a 75% international sales. Included icons design, content management, QR codes placement, paper selection & print supervision.


Main Wall Infographic

Main x-large wall infographic copywriting included infographic logo concept, identity re-branding, icons conceptualization, content & creative management. The main infographic tells the complete story of the company and clearly shows its successes and future visions.

Floor Guidelines

Floor infographics design, used as guidelines through the whole space. Connecting the floor with the ceiling creates a “Make waiting time Creative time” ambience in the lobby. Passive becomes active & active becomes organized.


Stairs – Progress infographic

The infographic accompanying the stairs leading to the meeting room creates the feeling of success which is larger as the stairs escalate. The infographic visualizes the process of creating a new product for the clients. Perfect timing & positioning creating a feeling of future successful cooperation.

Creative Wall

Division wall representing creativity. Creativity has no limits. It is beautiful, innovative, unpredictable but functionally organized. The division wall consists of layered metal squarish elements, creating dimension and organized playfulness – representing Creativity.

Meeting room: Tilted ceiling infographic

Meeting room infographic placed above the meeting x-large table, so the clients can take a look when seated. Communicating strong visions & results, enhancing the client’s trust.

Entrance reception

Main vision/ slogan communicated clearly when greeting the clients. Logo placed in xl format. Clear, clean and effective.

Archive and Kitchen (same hall)

Situated very closely, the archive and kitchen conceptual solution needed to be fusioned together, maintaining the strictness of the archive and the playfulness of the kitchen.

Restroom (M+F)

Restroom is represented as a break & clarity place where creativity often kicks in.

Showroom multidimensional infographic

The client showcases his innovative products and solutions in the showroom. This is the place to be amazed in. Innovation is presented as a light bulb that finds its own path to shine, while the others remain stuck. Multidimensional solution: connecting physical electricity sockets with the creative concept solution.

Brochure Copywriting & Concept