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It was time to
reimagine the
pencil sustainably

Fabula Organic® Pencil is an inspirational recycled organic pencil made from coffee, tea & petals, an eco-innovative writing tool you can nurture, plant & grow, the most sustainable business gift you can give!

Winning the best awards

Developing a strong brand


Developing a strong brand from scratch

Branding and

  • Market research
  • Product positioning
  • Brand definition
    (brand voice, brand message)
  • Identity and Logo design


  • Print design
  • Package design
  • UI/UX design
  • Social media management
  • Content Marketing


Reaching the goal $$$$

  • Indiegogo campaign design
  • Animation design
  • Photography
  • Media communication

Branding and Positioning

Developing strong brand and product from skretch

Product naming


Fabula: A story about nature and animals; Fabula-ous eco story; A Green story about no-more-wasted ideas; An eco-design pencil that nurtures nature; Fabula Organic Pencil- a pencil that nurtures and grows plants

Product slogan

Creating logotype

Version of color and grayscale




UI/UX design and Front-End

Developing strong brand and product from skretch

Brochure Design

Developing strong brand and product from skretch

Package Design

Developing strong brand and product from skretch

Green Story


Packaging from Fabula becomes your inspirational Green story to send back to Green Riding Hood ‘n’ Woof, Fabula’s green heroes! Unwrap Fabula pencil and compose the packaging in a letter shape following the instructions. Send your Green Story back to Green Riding Hood ‘n’ Woof. Suitable for children and very cool adults.

Green Challenger


Packaging from Fabula becomes your weekly challenge throughout the whole year! Fabula challenges you to live greener. Complete one green challenge every week and check it successful. At the end of the year, see how „green“ you have become. Unwrap the packaging & attach the Green Challenger to the wall or carry it with you in your notebook and use it as a green calendar. Suitable for offices.

Business Package

  • Sleek & practical packaging
  • Impress your clients with an eco business gift as innovative and creative as your business is
  • Your company logo placed on the pencil visible immediately through the packaging “window”
  • Manage the space to show your company and brand (Customization Guidelines will be sent to you)
  • If you want this type of packaging to be customized, please send an email on