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Project kickoff (analyzing the project)

We are living in digital age, people are increasingly using digital products for their daily needs. Instashop is application that will satisfy needs of users who have less time for shopping. This is innovative online service, where users can shop groceries online.

Shopping offline

Shopping habits: They shop twice on the day. Usually, they shop in the morning.Main features of offline shopping: Diversity of product, quality, location, prices.Budget: In one week they spend around 300$, purchased is executed with the credit card Biggest issues are: Product offering, waiting in line, a discount on bad products, prices, quality of products. Specific issues: “I need a more specifics products, I don’t have to wait in line, Height prices, low-quality products.

Shopping online

In which shop they are shopping: Ebay, Amazon, app stores.How often: twice a week. Main features of online shopping: Confort, pictures, time to decide, access to the store. Biggest issues are: Waiting for the product, feel of the product, can’t feel and smell the product. Whay do you shop online offline: “I don’t have a need of shopping online”. 20%


The result is that the InstaShop need to be a platform that will resolve all the customer problems, with new features that will stand up from the competitors. Intuitive, easy to use the platform.

Empathy map

Mateja can easily and fast buy all her groceries online. She doesn’t need to spend a lot of time waiting in line and finding products in the store. All her needs for quality, organic and healthy food are in one place. She can buy groceries for dinner when she works so that all groceries will be delivered before dinner time. Ordering mail on work will be easy, because she has all menus in one place. She can blog and find new recipes for new healthy and organic food. This app will make Mateja’s life easier.

Competitive Research (features)

Site mape

User Interface Design

Versions of Logo

Main color

Black & White

Colors of Logo